Iron Dukes has won the Best Web Game 2008 award at the IGF.

We are tickled.

We have been rolling around San Francisco with other IGF finalists all week, so this is the first time we've been back. To my amazement, we recieved 300,000 hits last Friday, and with a little bit of snooping it appears we know the culprit. Penny Arcade, those clever bastards, put a little note about Iron Dukes on their site. I think my heart is about to explode - with love.

Many people have been asking when a buyable version of Iron Dukes will be available. Here is the very short answer: I have no idea. We've recieved a lot of interest since the IGF win and we'll see if we can muster the savvy to wrangle this interest into a finished game. Keep your eyes here for more.


With all earnestness, we hope you enjoy the preview.

Play the interactive experience that is Iron Dukes.